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And here it is! The flyer for the Bal du Masque Opening event at the Summer Darkness Festival 2013:

Bal du Masque 2013 Summer Darkness Flyer Front

Bal du Masque 2013 Summer Darkness Flyer Back

Location: Tivoli
Artists: shows for the 2013 Bal du Masque in Tivoli shall be announced soon!
Gallerie: needs to be updated most definately!!
Reservations: we don't take reservations for the Imaginarium Edition of the Bal du Masque in Tivoli!

Click on the ticket to order your entrance to the Bal du Masque, tickets are 15 euro, feel free to click and order, we look forward to welcoming you in the Tivoli!

Naturally, the Green Fairy shall be present, to supply all of you with absinthe, the proper drink for a Night like this…

Darkest Regards,




Medusa & Nachtkerk are proud to present:

Good day to you all, Dark Folks!

Tonight is the Night!!!
For those of you who haven't reserved yet, you still can, otherwise take your chances at the door ;-)

We have tried all our best, but the wonderful plan of arriving by boat has been cancelled due to powers beyond ours...
We regret this very much, but they can't kill us, we're already dead, so the party is ON nevertheless!



VOC-Kade on Oostenburg close to the Czaar Peter Straat and Piet Heijnkade.
Close to the Theater Fabriek.

Public Transport:
Tram 10 and 26, Bus 22 and 43.
Enough parkingspace (2,50 per hour till 00:00 0'clock).

MOVIE will start at 20:30 in the Elephant Tent.
We will have PUMPKIN DINNER available during the movie and possibly midnight snacks afterwards.


-Fashion Show

-Evil Stories from the Hearse
La Sirene (take a ride in her car, listen, and shiver!!!)

-Bodypaint Acrobatics
Chaia, Colins and Esther

-Halloween Burlesque
Cerise Noire

-Aireal Acrobatics

-Evil Clown

-Bloodsquad Surprise

-Visuals by V-Tox

Katwoman and the Knights of Chaos (Flames of Chaos)

-Joris the Gatekeeper

-Jel the Alchemist's Wife gone Mad

...and other weird stuff..

Come Zombified, come Halloweened! Come and make your dresscode fit the Halloween Spirit!

Entrance: 13,00 euro
Open: 20:30 - 03:00



No masks required, speciall Halloween Dress is!

See you all there!

Bal du Masque has a facebook page:



Once again the BAL DU MASQUE @ Summer Darkness was a success!

Pictures shall follow soon!

This thursday RTV Utrecht broadcasts a special about the Summer Darkness Festival with a lot of attention for Bal du Masque as well. Here you can see their Photographs, and here is the Broadcast.

Special thanx to:

Tivoli, Dj's Dionysius, XLII, & (G)Host, Pim Schrier, V-Tox, Judocus van Soest, Tjanne van de Velden, Sytse Wils, Ellen, Mirja, Lisette, Jekaterina Tarasova, Emilie Bajard, Sonja Liem, Robert Folkers, Merlijn Toussaint, Kemi Vita Roman Schoensee en Fried-Jan (The Dreamside), Jelleke Jorritsma & Marc & Rocco, Judith Hermarij, Anika Vervloet, Daphne Schaffers, Vanessa Kurth, Albert-Jan Appelboom, Charlotte Poppelaars, Kathleen Zuidema, Jo Prantz, Eefje de Groot, Anouschka van Maenen and all her wonderful Models, Denise Broekhuizen, Maaike De Vos, Nadija Broekhart, Tjarda van Straten, Lara Aimee, Pepijn le Heux, Richard, Peter Jungbeker, Photographers Xander Hoose, Photopuma, Jolanda van Velzen, Nando Harmsen, Dennis van Nieukerke, Peter Diablow, RTVUtrecht etc etc, and all the people who helped us setting up the party and breaking it down again at the bitter end... :

thank you thank you!

* * * * *
Agnes MEDUSA Jasper

* * * * *




PHOENIX was wonderful. It supplied us with a revival of true underground feelings, thanx to all of you!
Pictures shall arrive on


We also want to bring to your attention:
The birth of FETISH CABARET! A wonderfully playful, historically cute new fetish party on the 24th of April 2010:


Click on the window below to have a 'peek'....
Chris Relleke has filmed the Bal with his magic, all-seeing eye....
(you need Flashplayer 8 I believe....)

NEWS: Read about BAL DU MASQUE in BIZARRE |Magazine!


Bal du Masque also organises:


We are very exited about the birth of this new party, that we organise in cooperation with the Wasteland Party!

Please leave your comments in our Guestbook,
My Sincerest Gratitude.



If you are looking for a great costume, visit our friends at:

They will give you 10 euro discount on the rental price with our flyer.

With our Bal du Masque, we want to create a mysterious atmosphere,

and only with your help this can be accomplished....


We have a variety of Absinth at our Poisonous Bar, also we serve a homebrew concoction of the famous spices of love. This drink is called "Succubus", and is made by Lord Banshee and Lady J...


We will always have different performances arranged...


There will often be several market stands.
People can buy masks at the door, prices vary from 7,50 until 65 euro's.


We will go on untill 04 o'clock, and maybe even later.

Have a nice party people! Keep the Mystery alive!!



Feel free to contact us by email, for reservations & questions: