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Artists performing at the TWENTIETH BAL DU MASQUE in Tivoli, Utrecht :

Medusa presents:

Where Tivoli was a city built for artists already in pre-Roman Etruskian time, the Bal du Masque this year is turned into an "Imaginarium". A place, where imagination is triggered by almost anything you see. Melancholia, Hysteria, Magia, Tristessa, Ars, Comedia, Magia… Come to the Bal du Masque and pick the fruits which stem from the brain, the biggest Imaginarium that exists!

A Theatre piece in 4 Scenes

About Dr. Poe and his Daughter, Elisabetha Catharina Rosalina Poe. How he finds her, his denial, how he is confronted with the facts of life, and how his life continues, after.... is known amongst us dark souls, that Melancholia can actually be a medicine; a poetical realm to deal with the hardship of life. This year, Medusa is going to give us a peek into the mind of the hard-working dr. Poe. We are going to see how he tries to come to terms with the difficulty of a sudden death of a loved-one. Is death the end? Or is life the end... and what about the dreamworld, that can help us cross those borders? Come to the Imaginarium at the Bal du Masque, and travel with us! See dr. Poe work his mind: in his dreams, in the realm of the rational, fighting the questionmarks and trying to grasp the logical, and see the psychological consequences of the final closure...

-"Mijsjes met IJsjes"

-Shiva - Wicca

-Delicatesses Louis XIV....

- Green Fairy Absinthe

- Visuals by V-Tox & Judocus

- Magic Balcony where your future resides, your present gets caught, and your past is your mirror...

- Mask stand